You want to play a role-playing game without studying background material?
You think having to buy multiple source books in order to play one game is unfair?
You haven’t got the time to work through 163 pages of character creation?
Light rules, however, are not your thing either?
If so, these games might be just the thing for you!

AceOfDice designs role-playing games for players and game masters who rather spend their time playing games than studying them.

More adventure,
less preparation!

AceOfDice games are compact in size and easy to understand without lacking complexity. They support creative, narrative and collaborative gameplay and combine traditional elements with contemporary (“indie”) concepts. By and besides designing games, AceOfDice strives for introducing a new generation of players to RPGs.

“Keeping a game simple isn’t a difficult task, but keeping it simple, sophisticated and enjoyable at the same time, is.”

AceOfDice is an Austrian one-man enterprise. The man behind the brand is . He is game master, RPG designer, writer, composer, husband and father of two. He lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

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